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Type One


When I was planning to visit Tokyo, I knew I absolutely had to visit Spoon Sports.┬áType One is presented more like a museum/showhall rather than a usual garage. Everything’s laid out for you to examine and explore and there’s plenty of space for you to just observe the day to day running of the shop. The staff were pretty happy to see I’d come from the UK and that I owned a ‘Wonder’ Civic, It’s so great to see mutual appreciation for cars traverse the language barrier.

Everything was so neatly laid out and incredibly clean. It’s interesting to see all of the cam covers laid out next to each other, theres alot more subtle differences between them than I’d expected.

I sat and watched a worker change the spark plugs and service this Integra for about 15 minutes, he methodically photographed each step in the tear down process and cleaned everything as he went. It was clear that time wasn’t an issue, it was all about the quality of the workmanship.

This 3G was one of the main reasons I’d aimed to visit Spoon. The 3rd generation civic’s really were legends in racing back in the Group A days. If only they could of take it down from the racks so I could of had a full look at it. For another trip I guess!

It feels very surreal to know my name’s now up on that wall next to people like The Chronicles. So many incredible cars & people have come through these doors over the years. Although it was a brief visit to Type One it sure was memorable. I’ll be visiting again that’s for sure.

Now onto Seeker and FEELS!