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Visiting the Mooneyes shop in Yokohama was big on my list of priorities during my trip. I’ve been a huge fan of the whole Mooneyes brand for a long time.

I started out the back of the main store where they had a handful of their shop vehicles.

This Celica looked gorgeous in the Mooneyes yellow. They had a matching US spec Toyota Dually parked behind it too, definitely an awesome support vehicle.

Parked in the garages next to the Celica was their Show Beetle and Camaro, the paintwork on these cars was absolutely incredible, the pinstriping work was incredible and the colour looked gorgeous.

When you enter through the back of the shop your surrounded by bikes and assorted memorabilia, the shop really is a full on experience. Half of the shop is also setup as an old american diner so you can chow down on some American staple foods after spending all your money on clothes and car parts.

I ended up bringing home a fair few things from Mooneyes and even managed to make it onto their Instagram which was cool! I would 100% recommend visiting, its easy to get to and the walk from the station is really gorgeous too. Just be careful with how much money you take with you, because you won’t be left with much after your done.



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Daikoku Pa


To finish off the day with Park, we headed to the usual Tokyo meet up spots including Daikoku Pa. After coming here in the middle of the week with Team Borderless and it being empty, I was really looking forward to seeing what it would be like on a busy Friday night.

When we arrived at about 7pm the car park was slowly starting to fill up. There were already a handful of really clean cars parked up, including this FC RX7, the bodyshape definitely looks perfect in the white.

After hanging around for about 30 minutes, the Borderless team rolled into the car park, it was great to catch all of the team again and meet even more members.

Park said that the parking area usually fills up later then when we were there, but by the time we came to leaving for Tatsumi at 9:30pm or so, the whole car park was totally packed (Shame I didn’t come away with many great shots of the cars though!).

I did love seeing this Celsior, japanese VIP style cars have such an awesome presence to them. The owner was sat on his phone and smoked a few cigarettes before jetting off onto the highway.

After this we headed off to Tatsumi to experience another group of cars prepping their cars for a long night of driving.

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Izanami Wheel Co


While we were visiting shops in Chiba, we made a brief stop at Izanami Wheel co. Wheel restoration and improvement is definitely a gorgeous art form, especially when Izanami primary focus on small diameter wheels. I occasionally hunt through their social feeds just to see the ridiculously wide wheels they make, seeing those wheels in person is pretty mind blowing.

Stacked up next to the wall of wheels was one of their recent resto’s, these SSR MK3’s looked gorgeous with some properly deep dishes.

They had their soon to be magazine featured GX41 sat in the garage being worked on when I visited, I would of shot more of it but it was all under wraps till the big magazine reveal, it looked incredible!

I’ve seen tonnes of photos of their wheel wall over the years, seeing it person really was mind blowing. Countless wheels which are near impossible to find anywhere else stacked up on the holy wall. It was awesome to see wheels I’d never even seen before, Park gave me a few history lesson’s as we went through the racks. Hopefully at some point I’ll be giving them some wheels to do their magic with, its a damn shame the Civic can’t really take anything wide!


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During the day with Park, we travelled to a load of garages including ALine. Park had told me they are known for selling cool Japanese barges and kaido style cars. We could only stop at the shop briefly, but it was cool to have a quick glimpse of a really unique car dealership.

As we arrived we were greeted by the owner as he worked on one of the shop cars with his family, it’s amazing to see that everyone shares the passion together as his kids were getting involved and helping where they could.

It’s mad to see something like this on a dealer forecourt.

Tucked out the back of the shop was another handful of old GX’s and various other big body jap cars, I loved how the light caught the edge of this GX on the back of the shops trailer.

I’m not sure my photos really convey the shop as well as I’d want, so I think a revisit to ALine is definitely on the cards, need more than 5 minutes to visit/shoot!

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Garage Blast Off


After leaving Nakayama we took a 20 minute mountain road tour to arrive at Garage Blast Off, this shop is run by a good friend of the Beetle driver. The garage seemed to be a focused mostly on European cars which was a refreshing change.

The footprint of the garage was pretty big and had cars spilling out from all corners including this little Honda and the Mini that were tucked over the road from the garage, long awaiting their restorations.

American, European, British and Japanese cars all in one corner of the garages.

The owner told me that this used to be an ex Nationals drag and wheelie car back in the US, said to be running about 1000hp. I loved the gauges on the bonnet.

The mentor and the mentee.

Seeing cars like these in Japan was a real surprise, I certainly didn’t expect to see a speedster up on the ramps. Being surrounded by rare European cars almost ended up feeling more surreal then seeing Japanese cars, I wonder just how rare some of these cars were over here.

We only stopped briefly before heading back to Hijemi for more car related plans. I’m sure I’ll swing by here next time I’m at Nakayama.

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Long before I’d headed to Japan I’d been planning to meet up with Juan, I’d been really liking his Instagram photos and progress updates on the Corona and I knew I had to grab some photos of it while I was in Tokyo.

We managed to sort an evening we were both free on and I met him at one of the Yokohama stations. I also managed to meet up with Nathan W who was joining us for the evening too which was dope. We all met up at the station and cruised to Daikoku Pa to grab some photos and chat.

We got to the parking area (Which was totally empty) and found a decent spot to park the Corona and Nathan and I got to shooting. Unfortunately Juan had to head back for something so we had to be quick.

The Corona’s got a load of small details which I really dig, the Mizuno Works wheel and Pioneer speakers really gave it that little bit of extra character. I took tonnes of variations on these angles/shots outside the shop at Daikoku Pa, which I’ll definitely be sharing in another post soon.

After shooting photos for a little while headed back towards Shibuya, it was cool to chat car stuff on the way back. Definitely have to grab more time together next time!

Another sort of bonus shot, on the way back we spotted this poor kei truck that had rolled over on the expressway (Everyone was fine), bit of a surprise!

Looking forward to catching you again Juan!