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Biko Works


During our day visiting a load of shops with Park, we stopped off at Biko Works. Biko Works are a dealership/garage that specialise in older Japanese cars like the Hakosuka Skyline’s and old Nissan Sunny’s.

Situated in a rural part of Chiba, the Biko garages are just tucked off of the main road, looking ever so unassuming. You would have no idea of the classic Japanese car’s these units contain.

Surprisingly the first garage contained this rather interesting Suzuki Mighty Boy, fitted with a Hakosuka style front end. The racking and the walls were also covered in remote control planes, another passion of the owner of Biko Works.

In the next two garages were a pair of mean looking Hakosuka’s. Both of these are track prepped cars that Biko Works maintains for his clients. The pair were getting ready to attend a classic racing event at Fuji the following weekend.

Tucked away in the final garage was this Mitsubishi Galant GTO, these are ludicrously rare in any country so it was amazing to see one in person.

Parked up in front of the Galant was this awesome Sunny truck sporting a classic National Audio delivery truck livery. I assume that this maybe the work truck for the shop. After having a quick peek at the garage’s we said thanks and rushed off to the next shop, fitting in everything we had planned for the day was going to be tight!


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Pro Shop Screen


After the first few days in Tokyo, I headed up to Sendai to visit SUGO for Super Gt. Seeing a race in person has been a bucket list thing for me ever since the early Gran Turismo games. Timings ended up working out a bit strange with travel so I had some time to kill, doing some quick googling I found that Pro Shop Screen was close ish so I jumped in a taxi and headed there.

Most of you might know them from their RX7 time attack car’s seen in multiple Hot Version videos, lately they’ve been working heavy with the GTR and GT86 platforms. They had both their demo cars parked up when I got there plus a few others.

The shop staff were really rather surprised I’d made my way out there but were happy enough to let me snap a few photos.

They had alot more cars than I’d expected, all tuned with time attack/grip driving in mind. Interesting to see the two GT86’s prepped for totally different restrictions in terms of aero.

This Evo X was one of their customer cars, build looked mean! The mechanic stopped working on it for a bit to pose and then went back to work.

As I wandered back from Pro Shop Screen I came across this, of all the things I’d expect to find. It wouldn’t be a Mazda 787B kids ride! It was left in a totally empty car park gathering dust, I’d of taken it home with me if I could of! Crazy to think cars and random memorabilia like this could just be sat outside and left to rot away.

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So here’s where it begins, roaming around Tokyo for the first time. Back at the start of September I set off for Tokyo. I had 3 weeks booked to experience Japan to the full and discover just how amazing the car culture was. The first few days were spent exploring Tokyo, primarily Akihabara and Shibuya. I didn’t expect to see tonnes of cars roaming around Central Tokyo but I was pleasantly surprised.

The first car I ended up spotting moving about in the wild, a Bayside Blue R34 GTR.

I saw a surprisingly large amount of lowriders cruising through Tokyo, all of them were so well executed. It’s crazy to see how the Japanese take a unique tuning scene and emulate it so perfectly.

The lighting in Tokyo was really mind blowing, crazy neon colours everywhere. Roaming back streets was such an adventure, especially when you end up stumbling across special cars just sat parked up with nobody paying them any attention.