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Tatsumi Pa


After spending most of the evening at Daikoku Pa we headed to Tatsumi, which is situated on the on ramp to the Tokyo Loop.

The two parking area’s had totally different vibe’s with the cars reflecting that. Tatsumi seemed to have more performance focused cars/builds and Daikoku was more stance/cruise focused.

This is primarily because Tatsumi’s placed perfectly for the late night racer, the Tokyo loop is the personal playground for all these performance cars. Throughout the night we would watch groups of racers head out onto the loop, charging out the carpark, only to return 15 minutes or so later. Racers would park up again, grab a drink from the vending machines, chat with other drivers and then organise heading out on the loop again. Watching this unfold and the other cars coming in and out was definitely surreal.

We managed to bump into Blake from Speedhunters with his NSX, I would strongly recommend his build articles on this car, it looked amazing in person and Blake was a really sound dude!

Seeing the bay and all of the skyscraper apartments from the parking area looked amazing, such an awesome backdrop to this very tasteful Porsche.

Seeing this Hako 4 door and Porsche parked up together, chatting away sort of encapsulates the Japanese car scene in general, its just about sharing that common interest and nothing else matters.

As a bit of a juxtaposition to the performance cars, this Subaru Legacy wagon was tucked away to the side. Crazy low ride height and mad fitment definitely made it stand out.

Tatsumi concluded an awesome day with Park, I can’t thank him enough for giving me the tour. I can’t wait to catch up with him again when I’m visiting again.


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During the middle of the day with Park we headed to RWB. Seeing how the business has grown over the last 20 years has been really interesting, seeing the transformation from Japanese to European cars and seeing how Nakai has been putting his own spin on his customer cars, it meant that visiting the shop was a must. Surprisingly the garage was totally tucked away in a back area of Chiba, considering how big RWB is around the world it felt crazy that it would be so minimal and hidden away. The footprint of the shop was rather small too, everything was spewing out of the garage and cars were parked up everywhere.

Plenty of RWB steeds were parked all around the building including this badass looking pair, I love seeing the colour options most of these cars run, making them even more unique. It’s also interesting seeing one rocking the new Works Meister L1’s rather then the usual S1’s.

Unfortunately Nakai wasn’t in when we visited (Although you could hear the radio inside blasting tunes), Nakai’s known for working crazy hours so catching him working on cars seems to be luck of the draw. I’d really hoped to see inside the workshop, I would’ve loved to see all of the awesome memorabilia and random cool things he collects.

The whole surrounding area was laden with parts, countless wheels and bumpers sat gathering dust. It’s mindblowing seeing people just leaving these items out, thinking of how valuable these items are and also in terms of safety, if these were anywhere else in the world they would all be long gone if you left them outside.

As with pretty much everywhere I visited this time in Japan, I will have to come here again!