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Long before I’d headed to Japan I’d been planning to meet up with Juan, I’d been really liking his Instagram photos and progress updates on the Corona and I knew I had to grab some photos of it while I was in Tokyo.

We managed to sort an evening we were both free on and I met him at one of the Yokohama stations. I also managed to meet up with Nathan W who was joining us for the evening too which was dope. We all met up at the station and cruised to Daikoku Pa to grab some photos and chat.

We got to the parking area (Which was totally empty) and found a decent spot to park the Corona and Nathan and I got to shooting. Unfortunately Juan had to head back for something so we had to be quick.

The Corona’s got a load of small details which I really dig, the Mizuno Works wheel and Pioneer speakers really gave it that little bit of extra character. I took tonnes of variations on these angles/shots outside the shop at Daikoku Pa, which I’ll definitely be sharing in another post soon.

After shooting photos for a little while headed back towards Shibuya, it was cool to chat car stuff on the way back. Definitely have to grab more time together next time!

Another sort of bonus shot, on the way back we spotted this poor kei truck that had rolled over on the expressway (Everyone was fine), bit of a surprise!

Looking forward to catching you again Juan!