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So here’s where it begins, roaming around Tokyo for the first time. Back at the start of September I set off for Tokyo. I had 3 weeks booked to experience Japan to the full and discover just how amazing the car culture was. The first few days were spent exploring Tokyo, primarily Akihabara and Shibuya. I didn’t expect to see tonnes of cars roaming around Central Tokyo but I was pleasantly surprised.

The first car I ended up spotting moving about in the wild, a Bayside Blue R34 GTR.

I saw a surprisingly large amount of lowriders cruising through Tokyo, all of them were so well executed. It’s crazy to see how the Japanese take a unique tuning scene and emulate it so perfectly.

The lighting in Tokyo was really mind blowing, crazy neon colours everywhere. Roaming back streets was such an adventure, especially when you end up stumbling across special cars just sat parked up with nobody paying them any attention.