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Kamagawa Wide Wheel


Thought I’d post these photos from Kamagawa Wide Wheel between the Daikoku and Tatsumi Pa photos.

I had mentioned to Park after seeing a photo of the shop window on his blog that I’d love to visit if we had time. The garage was tucked away deep in Chiba, with the shop situated in the garden of the owners home.

When we arrived the owner and his son’s were working on one of his personal cars. They greeted us and chatted to Park on how business was going as I explored the garage. The shop specialises in widening classic wheels and turning them into beautiful works of art, with countless wheels of his ending up on many special Kaido racer builds.

I’m probably wrong but I think these are old Celica steel wheels that Kamagawa widened. It’s amazing to see wheels that are otherwise forgotten, being given proper love and turned into something totally unique and special.

The front window of the shop is stacked full of wheels, like a car enthusiasts candy store. Although it was brief, it was really cool to meet the owner and see how a small wheel shop like that runs, definitely running more for passion and love then money.