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During the day with Park, we travelled to a load of garages including ALine. Park had told me they are known for selling cool Japanese barges and kaido style cars. We could only stop at the shop briefly, but it was cool to have a quick glimpse of a really unique car dealership.

As we arrived we were greeted by the owner as he worked on one of the shop cars with his family, it’s amazing to see that everyone shares the passion together as his kids were getting involved and helping where they could.

It’s mad to see something like this on a dealer forecourt.

Tucked out the back of the shop was another handful of old GX’s and various other big body jap cars, I loved how the light caught the edge of this GX on the back of the shops trailer.

I’m not sure my photos really convey the shop as well as I’d want, so I think a revisit to ALine is definitely on the cards, need more than 5 minutes to visit/shoot!