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Five Mart


After spending a few days in Hijemi I headed to central Osaka. Once i’d chucked everything in my hotel my first priority was getting to Five Mart. I’d been wanting to visit these guys for years after seeing their racing 3G in various articles.

Five Mart’s long been a key part in Honda culture in Osaka, both in regards to Kanjo racing/legal competitive racing and Honda styling in general. The shop was pretty lowkey when I arrived, the race cars tucked outside were the only give away that there might be something awesome here.

Their One Make Civic was parked outside the shop looking cool, I loved the throwback Sparco style livery.

The coolest part of the shop was that it felt more like a museum then a store, the walls were covered in rare models/parts/catalogues and just about anything you could think of. It’s awesome to see that the culture and interests of the owner runs so deep, your fully immersed once you enter the store.

Another one of their One Make Civic’s sat out the front too, the pair of them attend most of the rounds and always seem to perform well. Unfortunately none of the older 3g’s or 1G CRX’s were there when I visited, hopefully they’ll be there when I visit again.

It was great to finally visit this shop and meet the owner, definitely a long time coming! I’m sure i’ll be buying some parts for my 3G from here in the near future too, so I’ll be back again soon. Time to explore Osaka!