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Civic Update


An update on the Civic and future plans has been well well overdue for a while now, so after getting these photos from my friend KJ I thought it was about time I explained everything!

The Civic has been on and off with progress since coming back to Japan, parts have been slowly turning up like the Livesports wing (Only took a year!) and all old my period audio equipment, it’s still in need of alot of love. Plans have changed a bit post Japan trip number 1 so things will be shifting in focus.

If all goes to plan I’m going to be doing a year in Japan from July (Visa application in 2 weeks!). The original plan was to take the car over there after the year and go more long term, but after speaking to various people thats pretty much been ruled out costs wise. So come May or so, I’ll be taking everything I love off my 3G and shipping it over to Japan. They are damn rare and more expensive over there, but owning and tuning one would literally be a dream come true out.¬†Fingers crossed I can find another 3G over there and continue on Lil Red’s legacy. It’ll be going to a good home over here so I’m not worried about its future.

It’ll be sad to let it go, but it’s for good reason. I’m aiming to be out in Himeji for the first few months so hopefully during that time i’ll find one. I will definitely be keeping the blog up to date, theres going to be loads more content to post once I’m out there. If anyone’s read this far and wants to know more about my plans, drop me a message on Instagram.

Goodsport x Japan forever

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Honda Collection Hall


I’ve been wanting to go to the Honda Collection Hall for years, ever since seeing photos of the Motul Civic there I knew I had to visit.

Getting to the Hall was definitely the hardest place to reach during my time in Japan, getting the Shinkansen, a 1hr 30minute bus and 25 minute taxi really wasn’t ideal (especially when the return bus stops at 3!). I would definitely recommend taking a car!

The hall is split into two sides, with one being focused on bikes and the other with road cars and race cars on the upper floors.

It’s crazy to think that all these cars had only delivery miles on them, such an incredible time capsule showcasing how Honda’s have developed and changed over the years. It’s really cool to see how styling progressed through each era, comparing a new Civic to a 3G is like night and day.

On the top floors the usual race cars had been replaced with a showcase on JTCC, showcasing not just the Honda’s but also Toyota’s and a pair of Nissan’s. Being able to study these and notice the small difference’s between each car was really cool.

All the differences in grilles/garnishes and bumper styling made the US spec Primera really different from the JDM/Uk spec one behind.

After checking through all of the race cars I visited the library on the ground floor and went through tonnes of old race photos and car brochures, I love that all this information is here for the public to explore as they choose, wish I could of taken some of the books home.

I will definitely visit the Hall again when the Motul Civic returns here, I would definitely recommend visiting (As long as you drive).

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Daikoku Pa


To finish off the day with Park, we headed to the usual Tokyo meet up spots including Daikoku Pa. After coming here in the middle of the week with Team Borderless and it being empty, I was really looking forward to seeing what it would be like on a busy Friday night.

When we arrived at about 7pm the car park was slowly starting to fill up. There were already a handful of really clean cars parked up, including this FC RX7, the bodyshape definitely looks perfect in the white.

After hanging around for about 30 minutes, the Borderless team rolled into the car park, it was great to catch all of the team again and meet even more members.

Park said that the parking area usually fills up later then when we were there, but by the time we came to leaving for Tatsumi at 9:30pm or so, the whole car park was totally packed (Shame I didn’t come away with many great shots of the cars though!).

I did love seeing this Celsior, japanese VIP style cars have such an awesome presence to them. The owner was sat on his phone and smoked a few cigarettes before jetting off onto the highway.

After this we headed off to Tatsumi to experience another group of cars prepping their cars for a long night of driving.

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Five Mart


After spending a few days in Hijemi I headed to central Osaka. Once i’d chucked everything in my hotel my first priority was getting to Five Mart. I’d been wanting to visit these guys for years after seeing their racing 3G in various articles.

Five Mart’s long been a key part in Honda culture in Osaka, both in regards to Kanjo racing/legal competitive racing and Honda styling in general. The shop was pretty lowkey when I arrived, the race cars tucked outside were the only give away that there might be something awesome here.

Their One Make Civic was parked outside the shop looking cool, I loved the throwback Sparco style livery.

The coolest part of the shop was that it felt more like a museum then a store, the walls were covered in rare models/parts/catalogues and just about anything you could think of. It’s awesome to see that the culture and interests of the owner runs so deep, your fully immersed once you enter the store.

Another one of their One Make Civic’s sat out the front too, the pair of them attend most of the rounds and always seem to perform well. Unfortunately none of the older 3g’s or 1G CRX’s were there when I visited, hopefully they’ll be there when I visit again.

It was great to finally visit this shop and meet the owner, definitely a long time coming! I’m sure i’ll be buying some parts for my 3G from here in the near future too, so I’ll be back again soon. Time to explore Osaka!


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The Wonder


Honestly this car needs little introduction, but I’m going to give one anyway.

This Honda Civic E-AT has been my favourite 3G for years, I had stumbled across photos of it years back and it quickly became the inspiration for what my 3G should look like, even before I owned one.

Over time I ended up learning a lot more on the history of the car, it’s had a pretty colourful life. Both as a kanjo car and a Tokyo Auto Salon car in 07, going through multiple phases and changes before settling on the simple style its rocking now.

Surprisingly I didn’t think to do a focused shoot on it when I saw it in person, I think I was just so lost in the moment when I was visiting that I just enjoyed it, so here are a few photos of the car and some details. (Will post more photos if people want them!)

I managed to get a few details from the owner on the current setup, Engine setup wise it’s running a B16B out of an EK9 with an uprated ECU, a lightweight flywheel and a reinforced clutch made to N1 specification. It’s also running a straight through exhaust with a side pipe exit. Other than that I think the internals maybe stock (If I find out more I’ll amend on here).

In terms of handling the car is running custom coilovers with a pretty high spring rate and Infinite torsion bars. Pairing that with some clean Watanabes in 14x6j +40 (with a 20mm spacer up front I think) and some semi slicks helped to keep it cornering on rails. I can’t quite describe how well this car handles and gives you great feedback, its definitely a benchmark for handling that I’ll be aiming for with mine.

The inside of the car is pretty bare minus Stout bucket seat and factory passenger seat, no creature comforts to be found. I wish I’d taken more shots from inside, everything was kept super simple and focused.

The car also rocks an Osaka JDM wing which is basically a must when it comes to 3G civic’s. The car is super simple and really unassuming which makes it even cooler when it packs that B series punch.

Bit of a bonus shot of the 3G. I shot this as I climbed into the Beetle when we were leaving the car meet earlier in the weekend, love how raw it looks. I’ll definitely be hanging out with these guys much much more when I visit again next year, so this will definitely get a more in detail update!

Garage Blast Off photos coming very soon.


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On my third day in Hijemi, the group I was with had planned to take me to Nakayama Circuit.

I met the guys early in the morning and we travelled towards Okayama, stopping along the way to meet up with the Beetle and some other friends.

Nakayama is a small circuit situated just above Okayama. The track is known for its awesome grassroots events which its been running for years and years and its also one of the main stomping grounds for alot of the Kanjo racers.

When we arrived the circuit was basically empty, the whole area was totally desolate which felt really surprising given it was the weekend. We parked up in the pit area and chatted about all things cars with the group and sorted out getting laps in on the track. Given that there was only 3 cars on track all day including us we pretty much had free reign for when we could head out for practice.

With the track being basically empty I could explore a fair bit and walk around pit road which was awesome. Throughout the day I made sure to focus on putting the camera down and just enjoying myself so I didn’t shoot half as much as I’d expected, the memories are worth more than extra shots though I think.

After grabbing some lunch sat on the pit wall, another car turned up in the pit area, a Corvette C1 of all things. It was owned by a good friend of one of our group. He took us around the car and explained that he was in the process of finishing a restoration on it, although it was immaculate already! After chatting for a while he took the Civic out for a few laps, and invited us all to visit his garage when we were finished at the circuit.

Riding passenger in this really was something else, a perfect balance of speed and handling performance in a retro package.

I think I may well do a whole posts on both the Civic and the Beetle, both of them are incredible. Photos really don’t do either justice and there was so many small details to show on them I wouldn’t even know where to start!

After spending most of the day at the track we packed up and headed to Garage Blast Off. I will definitely be driving here again next time, hopefully I’ll get to shoot an event here also, I’d love to see it busy. More photos from Nakayama/Hijemi and Garage Blast Off to come next.



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Himeji Pt.1


After spending my first full week in Tokyo, I travelled down to Hijemi for a long weekend. I’d been so excited to travel down here to meet a very special 3G Civic owner and hopefully catch a handful of other drivers in the area if I could.

I travelled on the Shinkansen to Osaka and caught local trains to Hijemi which was an awesome way to see how Japan’s landscape and architecture change as you move across the country. I finally rocked up at my hotel in the mid afternoon and dropped my friend a message. He’d said to grab some sleep and get ready in 2 hours as we were going to be out for a long night.

At about 8pm I got a message that they were outside my hotel, I left the reception to the sight of an awesome looking 3G Civic and a Super Beetle waiting under the carpool. We made proper introductions and had a quick look at the cars before cruising to the nearest place for food. We ended up at a cool Ramen bar where I snapped a few shoots before grabbing something to eat.

The Beetle had an awesome mix of JDM styling cues! The Longchamps, Bride Brix seat and matching Honda bike on the back made it so unique, definitely the coolest Beetle I’ve seen.

After grabbing food, we headed out to a parking area about 20 mins outside of Hijemi. We grabbed some drinks and sat by the cars for a bit and after about 15 minutes or so, other cool cars started rocking up. I remember after the fifth or so car, asking the guys if there was an event going on or something and they replied with ‘Yeah! It’s a car meet for you… Tom’s meet.’.

As cars continued to turn up, each driver greated me and wished me well in the best English they could (I tried my best to respond in Japanese), everyone was soo friendly and welcoming. Between meeting people I tried to snap photos of all of the cars attending (I have plenty more photos to share from this meet but I didn’t want to post them all at once).

It’s really cool to see how the cars take from JDM/USDM/EDM culture and play it off well together, the EF sedan was rolling on Cadillac wheels and the 510 on what looked like Porsche wheels, the melding of cultures really makes for awesome character.

Its great to see that the love of cars brings all these people with different car tastes together.

This might be the nicest MK2 I’ve ever seen. The whole car was immaculate including a fully chromed engine and wire tucked bay.

I had countless people give me tours of their cars and all the little details you may miss on first glance. Everyone was so friendly.

After about 11:30pm the meet started to wind down, everyone came and said bye before heading out. Thank you to everyone who turned up! I’ll be posting lots more from this event soon.

Now onto day 2/3 of Hijemi.

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Situated about 20 minutes walk from Seeker was FEEL’S. Another garage known for making awesome grip racing Honda’s. After visiting the other shops it was really interesting to see just how different they¬†were to each other in both size and also layout.

The garage was open to explore with a handful of their time attack cars dotted round the building. I arrived and headed into the small sales office which was kitted out with plenty of cool magazines and small parts to buy, I managed to snag their last team jumper (and it actually fitted me!) and read a few of the magazines before snapping a few photos and heading on my way.

Their time attack cars were sat up front looking poised and ready to go. Its cool to see the Fit’s getting tuned seriously, its definitely a unique platform to develop from. I wonder if they will be the future base car to build from like the early generation civic’s were/are.

Lurking in the back was this mad looking EG civic, it looked like it definitely had to of been some sort of show car, the paintwork/body/wheel setup was super unique. Surprisingly 16’s suited it rather well and the kit looked mean. I’d of loved to find out more about this Civic.

Bit of a bonus image on my walk back to the station. A lonely looking EG civic. I was really surprised at the sheer lack of Civic’s I saw in Japan, I guess most of them got trashed back in the day or have been exported to other countries now.

Seeing three of the biggest Honda tuners in the same day was pretty surreal, I’m sure i’ll visit all three again in the future. I would strongly recommend people go check these garages out if your in the Tokyo area, well worth the journey.