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Upgarage and Tuners


After making the 2 hour journey back from Pro Shop Screen, I hunted for the closest Upgarage on the map and set off to go find it. I jumped on the underground and headed to Miyagi to experience my first one and explore the local area. Upgarage’s seem to almost have a mystical air to them. I’ve heard wild stories of crazy rare part finds and steals you wouldn’t believe. I’m not sure Miyagi’s really offered quite that, but it was surreal to experience one for the first time.

As I sat outside Upgarage before I went in, various cars started rocking up, including this customised Jimny. The sheer amount of these mini 4×4’s I saw in Japan was crazy. This one was fully kitted out with wide arches, awesome wheels and a tidy looking interior. The owner was super friendly too, wish I could of shot more of this car!

The selection wasn’t quite as strong as I’d expected, but it was crazy to even see parts like this available in a high street store. If only we had these back home!

Stumbled across a dealership with some pretty mad cars on the walk back to the station. The staff at the dealership jumped out of their seats to come and meet me and were over the moon when I said I was from the UK, they walked me round their forecourt and I badly wanted to bring the Celsior home.

After meeting those guys I headed home and prepped for Super GT at Okayama.