Scans 001


Ever since I started getting into the history of the car culture I love, I’ve been collating images/scans/videos etc of inspiration and history. The hunt for information is almost the most fun bit about being into cars for me, it’s so satisfying to gain the context of items/eras etc that I’d otherwise miss.

I really want to work to sharing stories and detail’s I find interesting, so here’s the perfect place for that. I’m working on deeper dive posts on Leyton House, Cabin Racing/Cigarette’s and a few other special cars/teams/brands that I’ll release when I think I’ve got enough info/imagery, but in the meantime I’ll upload scan’s in themed posts so their easy to digest.

Here’s a collection of some of the apparel advert’s I’ve spotted that I think people would be wanting to see, I’ve got alot more to trawl through but this feels like a solid start..


TRD Apparel advert’s from 88, 89, 90 and 94


TRD 1994 Winter Collection


TRD 1988 Collection


TRD 87C Collection

TRD 1994 Collection

TRD 1989 Collection

TRD 1990 Spring Collection

TRD 1988 Collection


TOMEI Gira Sports Apparel


TOMEI Gira Sports


PIAA Apparel advert


PIAA Apparel Collection


NISMO 1990 ApparelĀ 


Nismo 1990 Collection

More to come soon, I think the next scan’s post is likely to be on Seats/Safety equipment.