Been a while


It’s been a while since I last posted on here. The last few months have been particularly manic during my Tokyo stint, lots of small events and updates and putting time to just chilling out and enjoying the adventure I’m on. I think I was definitely feeling an amount of burn out and self doubt on whether my content was really worth providing at all, but I think some time out has really helped ground me again.


Having the break definitely helped me to really enjoy some of the experiences I’ve had recently by just putting the camera down and taking it all in. Definitely worth it for the memories, prime example of being New Years Touring, I really didn’t shoot much during the event, the experience was just so visceral and all encapsulating.


I’ve got a handful of shots to edit and show from NYT and a few other events including Tom’s Meeting 2019 and UDX/Penguin Hunters meeting, hopefully I’ll get to editing through them all and share them in the coming weeks.


The 86 has also been steadily progressing during my time here in Tokyo, it’s been great to meet so many people with this car and it’s a perfect conversation starter. I managed to spend some time with Expert OZ and Run Free buying plenty of goodies for the car, it’s edging ever closer to getting painted and looking like a really solid car.


I’ve got a big post that I’ve rewritten a tonne of times documenting the whole journey from buying it at auction to now, which I can’t wait to show you all, it’s so satisfying to see how this car has developed during the last 4/5 months.

So I guess there’s a brief update on where I’ve been at the last few months. Hopefully once I’m back over Himeji way I can find more time and focus to edit through the backlog of images, I’ve also been currating tonnes of old magazine scans which I need to upload also!

Here’s to getting GoodSport back up and moving again, this time with less pressure on myself.