Route 202


I’ve definitely been slacking on getting posts up, Japan’s gone from quite chill to manic and exciting all of a sudden!

A few weeks back I went down to Fukouka for a long weekend to hang out with SHOWA RACING and explore the local area/meet some drivers. On my second day in Fukouka we managed to sort catching up with the leader of Route 202, the pretty well known guy know as Star Shooting.

As I arrived we saw his pair of Kaido racers and construction truck sticking out like a sore thumb in this quiet neighbourhood. The amazing hand painted livery really catches you straight away.

I love all the small details on this car, the smoothed rear lights and Porter tails to replace them were especially cool.

Star Shooting aka Yamashita San was a great guy too, super friendly and positive. Definitely looking forward to hanging out with him again.

Next time I definitely need to see this car in some crazy location to match how awesome the car is, another trip is definitely on the cards very soon.