Starting out in Japan


So I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a while, moving over to Japan’s been pretty full on and surprisingly not full of car events (Mostly due to Monsoon season and the crazy crazy heat!).

I’m now fully settled into my flat in Himeji and fully committed to the car hunt for myself out here. Adjusting to life over here is definitely a big learning curve, life definitely runs at a different speed and volume here, I’m not totally sure if thats for better or worse just yet though, I guess time will tell.

The process of finding a car for myself’s proved really difficult so far, Wonder Civic’s are basically unattainable over here right now, there’s barely any for sale and when they are, they are usually really steep (Over 3/4 times what I’d paid for similar in the UK). So I think at this point it’s time to start looking for other cars on my dream attainable list, hopefully I’ll be posting an update with what I end up with in the next few weeks.


In general there hasn’t been a tonne of car stuff going on, the heats been brutal and I’m guessing that fits with the lack of events. The last week or so the heats started to die down, so more events are beginning to pop up, I’ve got 86 Fest at Okayama planned and I’ve got plenty of photos to edit from my trip down to Fukouka this past weekend.

Shoutout to Mitch from SHOWA for housing me briefly and showing me around the local area. I’ve got some cool photos to show from meeting Route 202 and K.R.C and just general exploring around Saga/Fukouka. Hopefully I’ll get some posts up in the coming week or so, excited to share more with you all on my time over in Japan.