English Goodbyes


As plans for Japan were fast approaching, I made it a priority to catch up with as many people before I went away, so seeing Benny and Alex was an absolute must. Both of these guys are awesome and chilling with them is always a pleasure.

Due to us not seeing each other often its also great to catch up and see how their cars have progressed over the few months (Sorry I didnt get many photos of the Bluebird!)

Benny’s Celica is such a showstopper, snapping necks whereever it goes. I love the amount of character it has with all theĀ  small details and period parts, nice to see a UK build with depth.

We headed out to one of my favourite local photo spots and a few of us all snapped photos.

The whole day was rather bittersweet, great to see them but sort of sad to know I wouldn’t be seeing them in a long time (And also without my 3G). Before they left they sorted taking the remaining items of personal collection of JDM bits and they wished me well for Japan. Felt mad knowing that in 2 days I’d be on a plane to Japan for a year.