Himeji Pt.2


I’ve been revisiting all of my locations albums from my Japan trip It’s surprising how many shots I totally missed when editing initially. I’ll definitely be posting a good handful from a few of the locations over the coming weeks. These shots were all taken during my long weekend in Himeji (Probably the best part of my trip).

I really did love this Beetle. the combo of the unique European silhouette and subtle Japanese parts gave it such awesome styling. Seeing it on Longchamps definitely caught me off guard at first, but it works so well! Same with the Bride Brix and Nardi steering wheel.

This Civic really does hold a special place in my heart.

I’m not totally sure what this was (Dodge wayfarer?), but it definitely stood out among the Japanese cars.

I’m still going through alot of the photos I took from my time in Japan, so I’ll be sure to post more shots that I haven’t shown before. All while I countdown to moving to Japan for a year come July, I’ve got my Visa, so its time for me to sort accommodation and flights!