Visiting the Mooneyes shop in Yokohama was big on my list of priorities during my trip. I’ve been a huge fan of the whole Mooneyes brand for a long time.

I started out the back of the main store where they had a handful of their shop vehicles.

This Celica looked gorgeous in the Mooneyes yellow. They had a matching US spec Toyota Dually parked behind it too, definitely an awesome support vehicle.

Parked in the garages next to the Celica was their Show Beetle and Camaro, the paintwork on these cars was absolutely incredible, the pinstriping work was incredible and the colour looked gorgeous.

When you enter through the back of the shop your surrounded by bikes and assorted memorabilia, the shop really is a full on experience. Half of the shop is also setup as an old american diner so you can chow down on some American staple foods after spending all your money on clothes and car parts.

I ended up bringing home a fair few things from Mooneyes and even managed to make it onto their Instagram which was cool! I would 100% recommend visiting, its easy to get to and the walk from the station is really gorgeous too. Just be careful with how much money you take with you, because you won’t be left with much after your done.