Izanami Wheel Co


While we were visiting shops in Chiba, we made a brief stop at Izanami Wheel co. Wheel restoration and improvement is definitely a gorgeous art form, especially when Izanami primary focus on small diameter wheels. I occasionally hunt through their social feeds just to see the ridiculously wide wheels they make, seeing those wheels in person is pretty mind blowing.

Stacked up next to the wall of wheels was one of their recent resto’s, these SSR MK3’s looked gorgeous with some properly deep dishes.

They had their soon to be magazine featured GX41 sat in the garage being worked on when I visited, I would of shot more of it but it was all under wraps till the big magazine reveal, it looked incredible!

I’ve seen tonnes of photos of their wheel wall over the years, seeing it person really was mind blowing. Countless wheels which are near impossible to find anywhere else stacked up on the holy wall. It was awesome to see wheels I’d never even seen before, Park gave me a few history lesson’s as we went through the racks. Hopefully at some point I’ll be giving them some wheels to do their magic with, its a damn shame the Civic can’t really take anything wide!