The Bean


After exploring Osaka some more I headed back to Tokyo and met up with Park Baker. We had planned to visit a load of awesome locations prior to me arriving in Japan, I knew today was going to be really special. During the middle of the day we headed to Izanami Wheel Co which is where Park’s awesome Honda Life was being stored at the time.

This is another car that needs little to no introduction. This classic Honda is the perfect example of less is more. The handful of small details work together to give the car a presence much larger than the actual car and give it a totally unique personality.

The overfender’s kit perfectly with the car and house the meaty looking 10” SSR MK1’s, small wheels and fat tyres always look awesome.

I absolutely love the interior, the retro bucket seat with the gradient and all the little touches like the cupholder, horn button and kaido style cage give it so much character.

Unfortunately the car didn’t have Shaken when I was visiting so we didn’t get to go out in it, but I grabbed a few shots before it got tucked away. When I see this car next I’ll definitely be doing a full breakdown of the interior/exterior/engine, I’ll never see enough photos of this car!

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