Himeji Pt.1


After spending my first full week in Tokyo, I travelled down to Hijemi for a long weekend. I’d been so excited to travel down here to meet a very special 3G Civic owner and hopefully catch a handful of other drivers in the area if I could.

I travelled on the Shinkansen to Osaka and caught local trains to Hijemi which was an awesome way to see how Japan’s landscape and architecture change as you move across the country. I finally rocked up at my hotel in the mid afternoon and dropped my friend a message. He’d said to grab some sleep and get ready in 2 hours as we were going to be out for a long night.

At about 8pm I got a message that they were outside my hotel, I left the reception to the sight of an awesome looking 3G Civic and a Super Beetle waiting under the carpool. We made proper introductions and had a quick look at the cars before cruising to the nearest place for food. We ended up at a cool Ramen bar where I snapped a few shoots before grabbing something to eat.

The Beetle had an awesome mix of JDM styling cues! The Longchamps, Bride Brix seat and matching Honda bike on the back made it so unique, definitely the coolest Beetle I’ve seen.

After grabbing food, we headed out to a parking area about 20 mins outside of Hijemi. We grabbed some drinks and sat by the cars for a bit and after about 15 minutes or so, other cool cars started rocking up. I remember after the fifth or so car, asking the guys if there was an event going on or something and they replied with ‘Yeah! It’s a car meet for you… Tom’s meet.’.

As cars continued to turn up, each driver greated me and wished me well in the best English they could (I tried my best to respond in Japanese), everyone was soo friendly and welcoming. Between meeting people I tried to snap photos of all of the cars attending (I have plenty more photos to share from this meet but I didn’t want to post them all at once).

It’s really cool to see how the cars take from JDM/USDM/EDM culture and play it off well together, the EF sedan was rolling on Cadillac wheels and the 510 on what looked like Porsche wheels, the melding of cultures really makes for awesome character.

Its great to see that the love of cars brings all these people with different car tastes together.

This might be the nicest MK2 I’ve ever seen. The whole car was immaculate including a fully chromed engine and wire tucked bay.

I had countless people give me tours of their cars and all the little details you may miss on first glance. Everyone was so friendly.

After about 11:30pm the meet started to wind down, everyone came and said bye before heading out. Thank you to everyone who turned up! I’ll be posting lots more from this event soon.

Now onto day 2/3 of Hijemi.